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Singing for mrs Pettigrew: a story-maker’s journey

This is an interesting book contains a few short stories and the writers own experience. Michael Morpurgo for me does have a broad view about the world and his stories do touch my heart. His stories creates tears, creates fear, make me laugh and do have the soul in it. He writes the stories with simple words but it is written beautifully and smart.

Few stories that really stick in my head are The Giant’s Necklace; I believe in Unicorns; The Mozart question; and many more.

The best part of his book is it bring us inside the story.. I am moves together with the stories.

The Giant’s necklace make me scared at the middle of the story then I am crying at the end of it when the girl know and understand that she is a ghost and cannot speak to her mother. I can say that the story does have some kind of similarity with the sixth sense but it is different! I just cannot explain it to you by myself, you have to read it.

Michael Morpurgo also put himself as part of the book itself. He describe how did he can write such all the stories that had been written before and the stories written inside the book. He such a clever writer.. He really wanted people to understand that children hate reading but they love stories. From telling them stories, they will begin the reading part by themselves, and I agree with him.

The stories of Morpurgo also describe a lot about war. He writes about the war itself, the effect of war on an ex-soldier and effect of war on a person life. To be truth it do show that he do support humanity and peace.

Come on guys, read this stuff. This is an art and believe me that I am amaze with the writer’s talent.

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A Bookaholic berkata...

Sounds like an interesting read! where did u purchase this book from?

Ajip.. berkata...

yup really interesting..
a book that keep you reading more..

I purchased it at the big bad wolf sales.. worth 8 ringgit only.. Try search it from bookXcess..

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