Khamis, 13 Mei 2010

My Sister's Keeper

For your information, I was hunting this novel since December last year. I was indeed crying because I was too late to buy the book from BookXcess (out of stock when I went there).

However I am so lucky of being UM student since UM providing us such a great library with great services. My sister's keeper now included in my read lists.

Picoult know how to play with words that can touch the heart of the readers. She have the spell that can make us cry and finally sobbing.

A story about Anna, a 13-year-old girl who was conceived via in-vitro fertilization technique and was genetically designed to match Kate, her leukaemic sister. Since birth, she had undergone multiple procedure to donate cord blood, blood and bone marrow for her sister’s survival. It was when Kate’s kidney began to fail, Anna refused the ‘obligation’ to donate a kidney to her sister and sued her mother.

My Sister's Keeper makes us realize how much we have to consider what decision make the best result. However in the end the decision were all belong to The Creator (this from my point of view).

First few pages My eyes started few tears, at the middle of the book I cry, in the end I sob very hard..

It is truly beautifully written by Jodi Picoult. The best thing about My Sister's Keeper is the writer put a lot of effort by writing the story from all perspectives of the character inside the book. It was written by the mother perspective (Sara), the father ( Brian), the lawyer (Campbell, the daughter and the brother (Jesse).

This is a book make us grateful of being alive and healthy.

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A Bookaholic berkata...

read this book and i loved it! i knw u will too. just be prepared for a very emotional ride

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