Isnin, 27 September 2010

The Road to Reform

It sounds great, but not much I can said about the book launch event.. MB Khalid made a speech, the panelist talk and I bought the book..we get home..

I am among the late comers since the event started at Maghrib time.. So, when I was arriving at Singgahsana Tan Sri Khalid was giving his speech. He talked about the Pakatan government, about freedom of media and etc..

The Forum was a success since all the panelists were telling the truth and raised a few issues that Selangor government should take into action. Terrence Gomez talk about the economy..

Some audience raised questions to the Selangor State Government about the reasons why local government election is still not become a practice in Selangor.. a few arguments about the accountability and good governance of the state government.. Issues on the young voters.. etc..

Overall, the Selangor state government must be aware that the citizens were watching every step that being taken by them. If the citizens believe that they can manage well they will be save next election, if not the voters knows well..

It is a need that all the government that rule know their citizens best.. it does not matter which party rule the country, but it does matter which policies work the best..

Most of the audience were men, chinese, a few indians, a few Malays.. 4 to 5 "mat saleh".. about 7-8 women with "tudung"......

I am part of the "alternative" media.. huhu

RM 30 per book.. hehe kaya la Gerakbudaya..

Can you see the audience?? I recognized most of the young Malay men were from AMK (Angkatan Muda Keadilan).. There is no sign of Dewan Pemuda PAS..

Dr. Hamidah Merican from SIS (Sisters In Islam) with her daughter..

p/s: I also bought Zunar's latest collection, Cartoon-o-phobia from Gerakbudaya yesterday!! Yey...Hoorey..

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