Jumaat, 28 Januari 2011

Bicaralah atas Nama Kasih

"Speak in the name of Love.."

I've forgotten when is the last time I bought books like this. They sounds too mushy for me. However, I was called to buy it because I know that I can trust the writer. She is the wife of Ust. Zaharuddin. Well known writer in Islamic Finance. I like both of them, the wife and the husband.


Noraslina Jusin as a fulltime housewife done a great job by writing such a great book. I believe that she will inspire many women who read this book.


To become a mother in this modern world is a huge challenge to all women. We are afraid if we fail to raise our children. We are afraid of what will they be when they grow up. Although I am not a mother. Yet, the concerns was there.

'Bicaralah atas Nama Kasih' was talking about the challenge. How she's doing it and what she have done. Together with her husband they showed us a good example on becoming parents. She writes it in a women perspective, in a mother perspectives and in a wife perspectives.

I Like

I learn a lot from Noraslina. I like her routine of giving love letters to her children and to her husband. It just beautiful to imagine a mother silently give a pink card that being written words of encouragement while the daughters were sleeping.

I can't imagine if the children is more than ten? How can the mother write to all of the children? haha.. If there is a will there always be a way.

The best

The best advice given in this book was told by Ust Zaharuddin. He said:

"To become a 'solehah' wife, the woman must have a 'soleh' husband"

He's right.. but it is not applicable to all women.. Asiah will go to heaven although her husband is firaun.. We just don't know..

p/s: 4 stars for the great inspiring well write book. I reduced one star because there are a lot of mistakes with the Quranic verses because of publishing problem..

pp/s: I'll encourage all wife to be and mother to be to read this book... Ops.. Also to all men out there..

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