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Change of Heart

"And I remembered something else that makes us human: faith, the only weapon in our arsenal to battle doubt."
Lucius-Change of Heart

The Story

Shay Bourne was convicted as a murder and sentence to death penalty and it will be done after eleven years in prison. He wants to donor his heart to the younger sister's of his own victim. The problem is that he must be executed with lethal injection and if you are being killed with lethal injection you can't survive the organ. The only way is he must be hang instead of using lethal injection in order to survive the organ. It seems easy but more problems arises. The law do not allow it, June, the mother victim don't want the heart and even Shay must survive for him to become a donor himself. The truth behind the tragedy was revealed after eleven years and it is too late to turn back...


I never failed to be amazed with Picolt's writing skills and her brilliant theme. Oh maybe the reason is only because of my limited collection of her's. However, I do believe that both My Sister's Keeper and Change of Heart were the best evidence of her great writing skills. Both of them were surprising and provoking. However I realize that both of them do have a similarity where both of them do involve with the judicial institution.

The efforts

Jodi Picolt was listed among my favourate author since last year after I read My Sister's Keeper. Her novels were informative and clever. For me, she is a generalist writer who can write on various subjects. I believe that she has a very good research team behind her and if it do exist they've done a great job.

The efforts that she made to write the novel with the right term and with the real information really made me adore her so much. She also went to the Arizona Prison to do some research on lethal injection and to see with her naked eye the real situation of the prison. Picolts even speak to the prison wardens and gain a lot of information for this novel. With so much efforts done by her, the results of her writing was so convincing.

I Like

Reading the book made me think a lot. There were many quotes that I love:

" If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you don't bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you"

I don't like

But there were some quotes that I can't agree with, especially when it involves religion:

"Whatever road you take, the view is going to be the same"

I believe that the view is different. It's never gonna be the same.

Muslims believe that there is only one god and this is an absolute answer. Those who didn't believe that there is only one god is never gonna be the same with those who believe. So I put myself to believe that there are absolute answer

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

ce baca buku no way to say goodbye by anna mcpartlin, best! friendship... slice of life.... nice.... read n u'll know

Fariza berkata...

thanks.. saya try cari buku ni.. selalunya memang saya terima advice dari orang untuk beli buku.. thanks a lot!

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