Isnin, 10 Januari 2011

Last Day..

Happy face of my co-worker..

It have been a month I work as a part time worker at Popular Armcorp Mall.. It is indeed a very good experience for me..

To tell you the truth, now I understand how they run the business here.. haha


This is the most tiring work I've ever done.. When I went home, my face stiff and I can't even smile.. hoho.. Now I understand their feeling..

The best thing is I still working with book..

Best part

I like giving suggestion to those who wanted to buy books from "agama" section.. Most of them appreciate my suggestions..I made a few friends from here..

I also met a few of my schoolmates here.. It have been 5 years.. It just great to see them, married.. working.. look older and mature..

Sayonara Popular

Hehe.. See all of you again as a customer.. Just the same me.. Just a book lover..

Popular.. We greet.. we smile.. we serve..

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syuhadah dzarawi berkata...

heh, i thought u'd prefer excess more~

Fariza berkata...

Yes, I'd prefer bookxcess more... But we can't find Malay books there.. If I buy Malay books from popular I can ask for discount.. hehe..

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