Khamis, 2 Jun 2011


People said when dreams being kept too long it became fantasy. I believe in fantasy. I think. Still believe.

Being optimistic with life sometimes made us feel a little bit tired. It is tiring. Sometimes we just wanted to follow the flow and drift together with it. Change is something that we want to avoid. Change is like an enemy to us.

The fact is, we need to do a lot of decision that will make a lot of change in our life. We have to choose something over another. However, I believe that we have to make the decision by ourself. We have to. If you made the decision by yourself, there will be nobody to be blame for it. Do not make a decision to please others. It is not the best way to achieve the decision.

The point is;

"Dear beloved, do as you please and do not care about what others have to say. Pleasing others is an unachievable objective."

Full stop.

p/s: However, please do not do anything that breaking the law and shariat. heh.. (^_^)

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